11"x17", 10 sheets

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Product Overview

10 sheets of 11"x17" Hydrokon Water Transfer Film


  • Blank PVA film for Water Transfer Printing
  • Hydrokon is a 35 micron PVA film on a clear polyester backing.
  • The polyester backing allows the film to lay absolutely flat for printing and also allows for easy, consistent backer removal (unlike films with paper backing).
  • Conforms to 'standard' soak conditions of 90F water and 60 seconds soak time.
  • Built-in fluorescent indicator in the PVA.  PVA glows under a blacklight, removing the guesswork from PVA removal.
  • Our PVA has a blacklight activated fluorescent indicator included.  Using a blacklight the PVA will glow making it easier to tell when all the PVA has been removed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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