Hydrographics: Why Print Your Own?

Hydrographics: Why Print Your Own?

Posted by Laura Mann on Apr 28th 2022

With so many pre-printed hydrographic films on the market, you might ask yourself, “why print my own?”. Ask no more. Here are a few outstanding reasons to print your own designs on blank hydrographic film:

Creative Control

Printing on blank hydrographic water transfer film allows for full creative control. There is no more worry about pattern discontinuation or availability. Also, there is no wait for film to be shipped. When hydrographics are self-printed, the artwork can be adjusted for full personalization of a project, meaning no vinyl, decals, or double dipping are required for personalization.

Printing your own designs, moves you beyond the limits of pre-printed film and stock artwork. Indeed, you offer your customers more value when tailoring work to their specific requests.

Inventory Optimization

Self-printing hydrographic film can help to optimize shop inventory. By printing patterns only when they are needed, there is limited waste of film and no extra film to have to store. Beyond that, when blank hydrographic film is used, rather than pre-printed film, any excess blank film can be used for future projects.


Choosing to print hydrographic film for hydrodipping allows for the ultimate flexibility. Any format of film can be created from rolls to sheets by simply cutting the film to whatever size is needed. This allows for the use of large and small format printers, which in turn allows for any size of project. Having blank film available also gives an individual shop the ability to print on demand, eliminating the need to wait for film to be shipped or patterns to become available. Not only that, blank rolls of film can allow for multiple pattern types to be printed at once for a fast-paced workflow from project to project.

Simplifying Quality Control

By using one type of film as a base for your hydrographics, there will be no confusion about the film use or quality. Take the guesswork out of hydrographics by eliminating one of the factors that often influences project outcomes. Not only is the quality consistent, but printing on blank hydrographic film creates a perfect match for touchups.

All of these benefits are available to you if you are willing to add a printing step to your operation. You will need to source the proper printer and inks, but this minimal effort will certainly add efficiency and value to your service. 

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