Is It Hydrokon?

Is It Hydrokon?

Posted by Laura Mann on Jun 15th 2022

Hydrokon water transfer film is a trusted, made in the USA, blank, printable hydrographic film. Did you know that many shops that offer custom hydrographic prints, use Hydrokon water transfer film? Hydrokon has become a trusted source for quality printable blank hydrographic film because it offers some unique features that put it a cut above the rest.

Hydrokon film is easy to spot if you know what to look for to identify it. Below are some properties that make Hydrokon unique.

• Hydrokon has a clear polyester backing. This backing makes it easy to visualize your finished project, simply by laying the film over your prepared substrate. The clear backing is easy to remove and does not stick or absorb moisture like paper backing.

• Hydrokon has a built-in fluorescent indicator that will make a dipped substrate glow under blacklight. The florescent indicator makes it simple to judge if there is any leftover pva on the substrate when rinsing the hydrodipped item. There is no need to feel around for slimy leftover pva, just spotlight it with the blacklight and rinse it away.

• Hydrokon water transfer film has quality repeatable results due to its consistent coating thickness. Because Hydrokon film is held to a high quality standard during production, it has consistent, dependable performance that can be trusted­­.

• Activators such as Superbrew from K2, Ink Drink from OHW, Hydro Solutions Activator, or Mossy Sauce are often recommended for use with Hydrokon Film.

Next time a custom film order is made through your company, be sure to get quality. Ask yourself “Is it Hydrokon?”

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