Frequently Asked Questions

What printers/inks will work with Hydrokon film?

Both printers with pigment and latex-based inks will work for hydrographic applications.

How long should film dwell in water in coordination with water temperature for hydrodipping?

• It is recommended that film soak for 60 seconds at 90° F to achieve optimal results.
• Lower water temperatures can be used, but soak times should be increased.

What activators should be used with Hydrokon film?

A ‘cool’ activator is recommended, such as:
Superbrew from K2
Ink Drink from OHW
Hydro Solutions Activator
Mossy Sauce

Do we need to use Activator A with Hydrokon film?

• If using latex-based inks Activator A is not necessary.
• If using pigment-based inks Activator A is necessary, otherwise the inks will fall apart on the water and will not adhere to object.

For small-scale projects, you can use Rust-Oleum Clear Lacquer Spray as the Activator A.
Another alternative is using a clear basecoat/intercoat as the Activator A, commonly found from hydrographic paint companies.

How should Hydrokon film be stored?

Film should be stored at 68°-75° F and 45-60% RH.

Where can I find artwork for printing hydrographics?

• Anyone can create their own art using graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.
• If custom designs are not required, PatternCrew and other sites alike have thousands of designs to choose from.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Absolutely! Please call 1-800-328-4261 to discuss large volume order discounts with a representative.

Is Hydrokon Water-transfer Film available in Europe?

For sales in Europe, you can contact our distributor, HARKE Imaging: +49 (0) 208-3069-1700 or email

How do I get sheets to lay flat before printing?

If your sheets are showing curling, you can either use a steamer to add moisture so they lay flat or you can place them in a room with high humidity, like a bathroom with a hot shower running.

For International Shipping, contact distributor, HARKE Imaging: +49 (0) 208-3069-1700 | E-mail HARKE Imaging